E-learning, often referred to as “anywhere, anytime learning,” offers much needed flexibility to the approximately 350 volunteers serving the City of Calgary in 25 Youth Justice Committees. Volunteers are able to learn from home at times that are convenient and at a pace that is comfortable for them.

This is the first in a series of e-learning courses developed under funding provided by Family and Community Support Services of Calgary, and was developed collaboratively by the team identified below. Several drafts of the course outline were produced and once a final version was agreed upon by the team, each section was fleshed by various members of the team.

It should be noted that a sizable portion of the content involves material developed by Monetta Bailey, Coordinator of the Youth Education and Enhancement Project (YJEEP), a project funded by the Alberta Law Foundation to develop and deliver public education materials about the Youth Criminal Justice System in Alberta during the period September 2006 to September 2008.

The development team reviewed several drafts of the course through to this web-ready version which will be piloted in the summer of 2008. The course will be adjusted as necessary based on the pilot evaluation, and then offered to Calgary Youth Justice Committee volunteers on an ongoing basis. The course will also be freely available to anyone interested and/or involved in Youth Justice in Canada.

Course Development Team
Lori Herod, BA, MEd, EdD Coordinator,
Course Development and Delivery
Monetta Bailey, (BA, MA)
Chief Curriculum Writer
Courtney Rhude Chairperson,
South Glenmore Youth Justice Committee
Dorothy Hall Committee Member,
Properties-Monterrey Youth Justice Committee
Linda Figley Chairperson,
Fish Creek Youth Justice Committee