Here are some useful indicators and questions that you can use while working with young people too illustrate whether or not they may have the Developmental Assets.



  • Does the young person experience high levels of love and support from his/her parents?
  • Is there open and positive communication between the young person and his/her family?
  • Does the young person know what is expected of him/her (rules)? Does he/she know what the consequences are for breaking these rules?
  • Does the young person feel safe at home?
  • Does the young person have other adult relationships?


  • Does the young person view school as a caring and encouraging environment?
  • Does the young person feel attached to school i.e. school pride, involvement in activities?
  • Does the young person have good interpersonal skills (e.g. empathy, sensitivity, friendship skills)?
  • Does the young person know what behaviour is expected (formal and informal rules) at school?
  • Does the young person know what to expect if these rules are broken?


Social and emotional

  • Does the young person value helping others?
  • Is the young person aware of social injustice in his/her community i.e. homelessness, poverty? Is he/she interested in addressing these issues?
  • Does the young person have a standard of behaviours that he/she sticks to regardless of others?
  • Does the young person take responsibility for his/her actions?
  • Does the young person exercise restraint in regards to sex/drugs/alcohol etc?
  • Does the young person exercise good decision making and planning strategies?
  • Is the young person aware of/comfortable with others from different cultural/ethnic/racial groups?
  • Does the young person exercise impulse control and conflict resolution?

Positive Identity/Personal Power

  • Does the young person believe that he/she has control over things that happen in his/her life?
  • Does the young person have a high self-esteem?
  • Does the young person believe that his/her life has a purpose?
  • Is the young person optimistic about his/her future?