Who do you know who has been affected by crime and has turned it around to make a positive difference in our community?

Calgary Youth Justice Society is looking for nominations for this year’s award.

Last year’s winner was former board chair, Sandy Vander Ziel.

Her passion to tackle youth crime started when Sandy was a teenager herself. The actions of a young offender had a tragic impact on many lives, including Sandy and her family. Some people would have understandably withdrawn and distanced themselves from a circumstance like this, but not Sandy. She found resolve deep in her heart to reach out and make a difference somehow, so that others would not experience what she had to endure. It takes a special person to find meaning and purpose inside of a devastating event, and rise above it to improve the lives of others.

This  annual award will be presented at our upcoming AGM on May 9th. Please consider submitting a nomination for the Heart of Change Award 2013.

Submit to heart@calgaryyouthjustice.ca.

Application: 2nd Annual Heart of Change Award 2013

Deadline for submission: Thursday, April 25 at 4 pm.