Police Referrals

Everyone plays a part in the diversion process: the arresting officer, the crown prosecutor’s office, referral programs like The Gateway Initiative or Sanctions program with Calgary Youth Justice Committees, as well as the community. After assessing factors related to the young person and the seriousness of the offence, a determination can be made as to the correct route to take along the criminal justice path for a youth involved in an offence.

After completing a full investigation and when there is sufficient evidence obtained to support the charging of a youth, an officer can follow four pathways:

1) Warnings, Cautions or Referrals to a Program (in Calgary it is called “The Gateway Initiative”;
2) A recommendation for Extrajudicial Sanctions which are referrals made either pre-charge or post-charge to a Youth Justice Committee;
3) Criminal Prosecution; or,
4) No charges.

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