Youth Participants

Our Young Leaders are nominated into the program by their teachers in school.  They are nominated for signs of strengths and sparks and for the potential that their teachers see in them.  Young people are often caught in the trap where they use their strengths in negative or harmful ways and therefore get labeled by society as a “bad” kid.

In the Lead helps young people peel back the layers of negative labels to reveal their true, naturally occurring strengths.   A focus on these strengths in class and through a one-on-one coaching relationship with a corporate volunteer, allows these Young Leaders to get to know a whole new side of life and experience their strengths in a positive way first hand.

Through the 16 week program the Young Leaders attend about 30 hours of leadership training, 15 -20 hours of  on-on-one coach/ mentor time and complete about 20hours of Community volunteer work.

Our Young Leaders often begin the program wondering who they are and where they are going in life.  They leave the program inspired, excited and believing in themselves.

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