Fifteen years of engaging community with young people and young people with community

We’ve been making a difference in the lives of young people involved in criminal activity for more than 15 years. Since our beginnings of establishing Youth Justice Committees through to the innovative current programming, we have always seen the potential for young people to be resilient if engaged in ways that affirm their value and worth as the starting point for positive change.

1993 – Established Resource Team comprised of individuals from organizations including Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary Youth Probation, Alberta Justice, Parent Support Association, John Howard Society, and Elizabeth Fry Society. This Resource Team was responsible for the structure and groundwork for the implementation of Youth Justice Committees in Calgary.

1996 – Funding secured from The Calgary Foundation and Alberta Law Foundation for an 18-month half-time contract position. The purpose of this position was to determine if Youth Justice Committees were viable in a large urban centre, and, together with the Resource Team, to develop a strategy for the establishment of these Committees in Calgary communities. The project ended successfully with the establishment of 9 Youth Justice Committees representing 36 communities.

1998 – Calgary Youth Justice Society established

1998-2004 – Fifteen additional Youth Justice Committees formed in Calgary, totaling 24; one that specialized in the Aboriginal community

2005 – Calgary Youth Justice Society became a registered Charity. One more Youth Justice Committee established

2006 – 100 volunteers recognized for 5 or more years of service

2007 – Youth Justice Education & Enhancement Project (YJEEP) developed materials and traveled the province to share resources

2010 – Awarded the Calgary Police Commission Community Policing Award; Solicitor General of Alberta donated office space

2011 – A character and leadership development program for vulnerable young people called In the Lead was launched

2012 – Denise Blair, Executive Director, awarded the Solicitor General & Public Security Crime Prevention Award for making an extraordinary contribution in promoting community safety through crime prevention

2012 – Sandy Vander Ziel Heart of Change Award established to recognize those who have been affected by crime and found it within their heart to take a negative circumstance and use it to make a positive change.

2012NGAGE Program launched to support young people who experience road blocks in seeking volunteer opportunities. The strength-based approach enables individuals to discover their interests and talents and find an opportunity that is the right fit.