Parents on Youth Justice Committees

  • “The best thing that could happen for the child and the parent.”
  • “It’s good that parents can play an active role.”
  • “Gives the community a chance to understand youth better.”
  • “I was very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Youth Justice Committee due to the fairness and speed of dealing with the crime.”
  • “I appreciated the compassion of this approach.”
  • “It prepares young people for life.”
  • “I love this new kid that I have.”


  • “I have never had a volunteer experience where I felt this connected to the results. These youth literally transform before our eyes.”
  • “I can honestly say that what we do matters. I have seen the difference we can make time and time again in the youth in our program.”
    ~Youth Justice Committee Volunteers

Victims of Crime on Youth Justice Committees

  •  “Shows victims the community supports them.”
  • “Victims are kept informed.”
  • “An asset to our community.”
  • “Makes the offender more accountable.”
  • “Allows everyone a chance to express their views.”

Young Leaders on In the Lead Program

  • “Now I know why it is important to develop certain qualities since they are the building blocks for being successful at whatever I do in life.”
  • “I am making positive choices that make me a better person and take me further.”
    • 95% said “I have confidence in knowing how to apply the new leadership skills that I’ve learned”
    • 95% said “I now know what it means to plan and lead in ways that help others reach their potential”
    • 85% said “I have more confidence in who I am and that my future will be positive if I practice what I’ve learned”
    • 95% said “I now have a better understanding of my strengths and how to avoid engaging in negative behaviour”
    • 100% said “I feel better prepared to connect with people and resources that will help me out in my life”

Coaches on In the Lead Program

  • “I’m actually using what I learned in the program to be more effective in my role at work.”
  • When In the Lead coaches were asked how their own lives were affected by the program:
    • 94% said “I have a greater sense of meaning and purpose at work as a result of my involvement with the program”
    • 75% said “I have grown personally and professionally as a result of my involvement with the program”
    • 88% said “I have a stronger loyalty to my company after being engaged in this way.”