What We Do

Our Why

Every young person matters.

We connect adult volunteers in a positive way with young people who are facing challenges in their lives, some who are already involved with the criminal justice system. Our approach is always strength focused, seeing beyond what’s wrong to nurture what’s strong. Our impact is young people who feel valued and supported to be a part of our community in a meaningful way.

Every day, we witness young people gain confidence and hope for a brighter future when their strengths are recognized and invested in. Since 1996 the Calgary Youth Justice Society has helped youth find what is strong in their lives through programs proven to build resilience, reduce risk and nurture community connections.


Young people contribute to, and flourish in, safe, caring communities.


Calgary Youth Justice Society engages communities with young people to foster choices and opportunities that build upon their strengths, diverting them from crime. Calgary Youth Justice Society programs support young people who are vulnerable to risk-taking and criminal activities.


Our Program Principles

A relentless pursuit of strengths

A meaningful relationship with adult volunteers

A positive connection to community