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Every Young Person Is STRONG.


Most young people experience stress of some kind in their lives. Young people with strong protective and developmental factors usually handle stress and adversity more successfully and are less likely to engage in risk taking activities. Protective factors can be built and improved with the right support. When growing up and making decisions, every young person needs people around them who recognize their potential.

Calgary Youth Justice Society helps young people find what is strong in their lives through programs proven to build resilience, reduce risk and nurture community connections.


In the Lead + In the Lead 180 Programs

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The Youth Justice Committee Program is a community-based alternative to court that gives young people a second chance on a bad decision. Youth Justice Committee volunteers help young people move through and past a minor offence by holding them accountable without holding them back. With support, young people from all walks of life turn their mistakes into opportunities to grow and give back to their communities..


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In the Lead is a strength-based leadership development program for overlooked leaders. In the Lead reaches out to youth in our city who are struggling to see and use their natural leadership abilities in beneficial ways. Where others see deficits and risk, we see strengths and possibility. With added encouragement from volunteers within Calgary’s corporate community, students transform their views of themselves, their communities and their futures.