For our super contributor Krista Moroz, giving is as simple as caring (so much) and building a relationship with a cause you care about.

As the Manager of Community Partnerships at Enmax Krista makes a living supporting charities and causes around Calgary but her involvement with CYJS is more personal and goes way back.

“A long time ago a family member was given a second chance through an alternative measures program. Through the program they were able to take responsibility for their actions and never got into that situation again. It changed the trajectory of their life and likely our family’s life”.

Krista Moroz and Family

Then she had kids of her own and it only made the decision to support the Youth Justice Committees (YJC) even more clear for Krista. “Being the parent of two boys, I recognized that they might not always make the right decisions got involved and volunteered because I wanted to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to learn from their decisions, to be given a second chance.”

And Krista wants parents everywhere to know that we’re here, which is why she not only gives her time as a volunteer but she also knows that her financial contributions help get CYJS in front of other parents. “I want to let them know that maybe you don’t need us today, but down the road you might. And if my time and money is helping do that and ensuring that CYJS is always here, then there’s obvious benefit to the donation I’ve made.”

And when asked how she thinks others can make their contributions personal she says “It’s about finding what you’re passionate about and then supporting a charity or a cause who is doing that. Whether you can give your money or your time, or both, it’s just important to give.”

And we are grateful for all that you give to us Krista!!