Youth Leadership Nomination Form

  • *Please ensure the person you are nominating has consented to sharing their contact information
  • EXAMPLE: Strengths I see in this person: 1.Creative 2. Compassionate 3. Empathetic 4. Dedicated 5. Optimistic
  • EXAMPLE: Chelsea is a leader because she works hard to ensure that those around her feel seen and cared for. She used her creativity to create a large sign to thank frontline workers, and it was shared on national news, inspiring many others to do the same. Chelsea consistently shows up for the people in her life, no matter the state of the world around her. She uses her compassion and empathy to meet everyone where they are at and lifts them with her optimistic attitude.
  • EXAMPLE: Chelsea inspires me to use my strengths to show up as a leader in my own way. Seeing how she knows her strengths so clearly and is using them to impact the world around her makes me want to do the same.