In The Lead 180

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In the Lead 180 is an innovative leadership and character-building program for youth involved in the justice system who show leadership potential.  In the Lead 180 reaches young people in our Province who are struggling to use their natural leadership ability in beneficial ways or believe in their potential. Where others might see deficits and risk, we see strengths and possibility. Our strength-based, leadership curriculum encourages youth to transform their views of themselves, their communities and their futures.

ITL 180 is a weekly online class and cycles through 6 weeks of curriculum. Referrals are accepted anytime.

Program Structure

In the Lead 180 is a 6, 8 or 12 week program delivered to youth in custody and care. It involves weekly leadership classes and volunteer opportunities that are delivered in-person or virtually.

NEW – In the Lead 180 is now accepting referrals from agencies Provincially for our virtual-based programming.  Law enforcement or Youth Justice Committees can refer youth, directly, to our young leader program by clicking here. You may contact us for more information by emailing