Meet Elise – super donor, volunteer and mom extraordinaire!

Choosing where and how to give can be a difficult task – that’s why we asked Elise to share about her choice to support CYJS.

She says, “[For me], it really has to be something that I feel a personal connection with something that I think serves our greater community, something that I think serves my family in the way that we interact with our community.” Elise assessed her own values and sought out and organization that aligned with the things that were most important to her.

She continues, “Sometimes it can feel like overwhelming how many different organizations sound amazing and who you want to help. And there’s so much need out there right now. If I’m going to give a financial donation, I want more people to be helped. I want to make sure that the resources and great programming that are being provided by CYJS is available to more people. And then we need more community members to volunteer as well. I think giving my time to raise the profile of CYJS and then also giving a financial donation to ensure that they can properly meet their targets and deliver their programming is everything; it’s so important.”

“Giving doesn’t always have to be financial. It doesn’t always even have to be time in terms of getting out there and volunteering, although we definitely want that as well. It can simply be going to the website, figuring out who we are and what we do, and telling your family and friends.”

We love how Elise gives with her hands, her head, and her heart. How will you give this month leading up to GivingTuesday?