Wrap Up Form

  • EXAMPLE: Strengths I see in my Young Leader: 1. Brave 2. Courageous 3. Generous 4. Open Minded 5. Kind (NOTE: use your coach guide page 71 that you filled out in Coach Training 3 as a resource)
  • EXAMPLE: It was so great to attend class and see how Farah has a natural ability to listen to another’s perspective even when it is very different from her own. When we met at the second volunteer event she made use sure to make room for late comers and share materials and ideas making everyone including myself feel welcome and a part of the project.
  • EXAMPLE: Seeing Farah lean into her peers and experiences whole heartedly has reminded me how much I need to do the same. Seeking out opportunities to learn from others and embrace the day with a smile is something I greatly admire about Farah.