We all benefit when our youth are connected to the community in meaningful and positive ways

Our curriculum was designed and developed with experts in the field of youth development and has research-based outcomes. We have ongoing evaluation to ensure we are always meeting our objectives.

Here are some of those outcomes:

95% said “I have confidence in knowing how to apply the new leadership skills that I’ve learned”

95% said “I now know what it means to plan and lead in ways that help others reach their potential”

85% said “I have more confidence in who I am and that my future will be positive if I practice what I’ve learned”

95% said “I now have a better understanding of my strengths and how to avoid engaging in negative behaviour”

100% said “I feel better prepared to connect with people and resources that will help me out in my life”

Here is what participants have to say:

“(In the Lead) shed a light on more powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and become more confident in personal skills.”
– Young Leader

“In the lead gave me something to enjoy in the midst of my stress. It helped me change my mindset”
– Young Leader

“In the Lead is showing us how to be more confident with our lives. It creates a difference because it shows us how to see the positives in ourselves and how to become a stronger person.”
– Young Leader

 “Connecting with my coach has been beyond amazing. I made some new friends and got a strong support group.”
– Young Leader

“I have learned to always have my ears, eyes and heart open to those around me, and my young leader specifically taught me to be more present.”
– Coach

“Recognizing strengths in others can go a long way into building stronger, meaningful and successful relationships with others.”
– Coach