From Uncertainty to Confidence: Akira’s Experience with In the Lead

February 16, 2024

Every semester, In the Lead supports young people in realizing their natural strengths. As our Young Leaders learn to recognize and utilize their unique abilities, many also grow confidence – in themselves, in their strengths, and in their communities. One of our Young Leaders from the Fall 2023 semester gave an incredible speech at our  Continue Reading »

A Letter From My Future Self: Looking Back While Thinking Ahead

February 1, 2024

Each semester, our Young Leaders participate in different activities to help them discover and strengthen their leadership skills. One of our personal favourite activities, and a favourite for many of our youth, is called: A Letter From my Future Self. In this activity, we ask our Young Leaders to imagine themselves in the distant future,  Continue Reading »

It’s a Family Affair: How Two Sisters are Making Double the Impact as In The Lead Coaches

January 24, 2024

Volunteering doesn’t need to be a solo venture. It’s something you can do with your friends, your coworkers, or in the case of Jennifer and Lindsey, with your sibling! Jennifer and Lindsey are sisters who both volunteer as Coaches with our In the Lead program. They are dedicated, caring, and incredible individuals whose impact has  Continue Reading »

“Danae, what exactly is Wrap Up?”

July 19, 2023

As we wind down our twelfth and final class, I eagerly share a reminder with my Jack James High School Young Leaders about Wrap Up the following week. A hand shoots up. “Danae, what exactly is Wrap Up?” My mind cycles through a variety of answers to sum up what the experience is like, but  Continue Reading »

Krista Moroz and Family

Donor Spotlight: Krista Moroz

November 16, 2022

For our super contributor Krista Moroz, giving is as simple as caring (so much) and building a relationship with a cause you care about. As the Manager of Community Partnerships at Enmax Krista makes a living supporting charities and causes around Calgary but her involvement with CYJS is more personal and goes way back. “A  Continue Reading »

Donor Spotlight: Elise

November 15, 2022

Meet Elise – super donor, volunteer and mom extraordinaire! Choosing where and how to give can be a difficult task – that’s why we asked Elise to share about her choice to support CYJS. She says, “[For me], it really has to be something that I feel a personal connection with something that I think  Continue Reading »